Smith Rd, Belfast, NY 14711

Street and zip codes information of Smith Road in Belfast, Allegany New York.

The ZIP code of Smith Road is 14711. Smith Road is a street in Belfast, New York, United States. If you want to find more zip codes please search or browse our website. Zipcodesexpress is an instant ZIP code lookup service, you could find cities counties places addresses and a local business directory, at the same time, you could find featuring geographic and demographic data, please fell easily and freely explored by ZIP code, street or city name.

Public Information
Name Smith Road
Zip Code 14711
Place Belfast
County Allegany
State New York
Zip Code 14711 Statistical Data
Zip Code 14711
CBSA Population 0
State New York
State FIPS US36
Region Northeast
Streets 62
Zip Code 14711 Demographics
Zip Code 14711
Households 692
House Value $77,500
Population 1407.0
White Population 1,745
Hispanic Population 16
Asian Population 14
State New York

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