10th St West, Park Rapids, MN 56470

Street and zip codes information of 10th Street West in Park Rapids, Hubbard Minnesota.

The ZIP code of 10th Street West is 56470. 10th Street West is a street in Park Rapids, Minnesota, United States. If you want to find more zip codes please search or browse our website. Zipcodesexpress is an instant ZIP code lookup service, you could find cities counties places addresses and a local business directory, at the same time, you could find featuring geographic and demographic data, please fell easily and freely explored by ZIP code, street or city name.

Public Information
Name 10th Street West
Zip Code 56470
Place Park Rapids
County Hubbard
State Minnesota
Zip Code 56470 Statistical Data
Zip Code 56470
CBSA Population 0
State Minnesota
State FIPS US27
Region Midwest
Streets 540
Zip Code 56470 Demographics
Zip Code 56470
Households 4,560
House Value $183,300
Population 11889.0
White Population 10,101
Hispanic Population 194
Asian Population 20
State Minnesota

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